VOOM Replacement Flavour Pods (3PACK)

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Voom Pods are cartridges for the Voom Kit. Designed to deliver a smooth nicotine hit that's packed full of flavour, Voom pods are ideal for beginners due to their simple plug & play approach. Explore the range of flavours below:

  • 3-pack of Voom Nic Salt Pods
  • Compatible with the Voom Device
  • 20mg nicotine strength

About Voom Pods Tobacco Flavour

Looking to switch to Voom from cigarettes? Voom Tobacco Pods are a great place to start! These pods are filled with a high-nicotine tobacco e-liquid that features mild notes of roasted nut and a touch of caramel for a natural sweet kick.

About Voom Pods Mint Flavour

Specially designed to be satisfying and refreshing, Voom Mint Pods house a sobering blast of ice that'll quickly cool you down and rid you of cravings. These pods feature notes of candied peppermint and a powerful menthol base to offer a truly authentic hit of minty flavour.

About Voom Pods Ice Mango Flavour

A lush blend of golden mango infused with a cool breeze. Offering an unparalleled blast of golden luxury, Voom Ice Mango Pods are a popular choice due to their tangy, warming flavour profile, which continues to satisfy every time you take a puff.

About Voom Pods Ice Grape Flavour

Rich, dark and mysterious, the flavour of purple grapes is mellow and packed full of juicy notes. Fused with a frigid blast of menthol for balance, Voom Ice Grape Pods are cool and breezy, perfect for vaping all day long.

About Voom Pods Ice Strawberry Flavour

Combining the sweet warmth of British summertime with the frozen fjords of Norway, Voom Ice Strawberry pods strike a stunning balance between sweet and cool. The juicy strawberry base is wonderfully realistic, providing a mouth-watering blast of tangy flavour, which is quickly chased by a fresh hit of ice when you exhale.

About Voom Pods Ice Lemon Flavour

A lemonade-inspired flavour profile with a sharp menthol undertone. Ice Lemon Voom Pods serve up a fresh lemon flavour with a gentle sweetness, a touch of fizz and a heap of ice, rounding every puff of with a tingly menthol throat hit.

About Voom Pods Ice Watermelon Flavour

Ice Watermelon Voom Pods yield a tingly mix of melon and ice that'll wash over your senses like a cool tropical wave. Lightly sweet and intensely refreshing, these pods are ideal for all-day vaping.

About Voom Pods Shisha Double Apple Flavour

Fresh and floral, these apple-flavoured pods are sweet enough to satisfy and sharp enough to vape all day. Serving up a double helping of green and red apples, Shisha Double Apple is a good pick for fruit fans looking for that extra burst of flavour. 

About Voom Pods Roasted Coffee Flavour

Delivering a bittersweet swirl of black coffee blend with a touch of sweet cream, Roasted Coffee Voom Pods are a coffee-lovers dream. Experience that rich and aromatic taste morning or night - just without the caffeine hit!