SX MINI - Mi Class Pod System

Regular price R 350.00

Another manufacturer known for its expensive and luxurious mods is going into production with so popular pod systems. Stainless steel body with exquisite design is distinguished by a first-class construction with a small display to facilitate everyday use. The beautiful looks of the SXmini Mi Class complements top parameters in the form of an integrated 400mAh battery, output power of 7W-13W and volume of 1.8m. All this is controlled by the intelligent chip YiHi SX290, which is specially developed for pod systems.

Like the rest of the systems, the SXmini Mi Class offers not only simple controls, but also easy use and carefree maintenance. Everything important is stored in a so-called pod. It serves as a mouthpiece, an e-liquid reservoir, but also has a 1Ω resistance heating head. Inside the head there is a special ceramics that gives you an excellent flavor. The pod is easily refilled with e-liquid thanks to top thread, and if the pod wears off, you do not need to disassemble it, just replace the whole pod. Its installation is very fast.

Dimensions: 85.5mm x 20.6mm x 20.2mm
Volume: 1.8ml
Output power: 7W-13W
Output voltage: max. 4V
Battery: 400mAh
Charging: micro USB port