Juice Man's Unicorn Frappe On Ice 100ml

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Unicorn Frappe On Ice is the name of the e liquid that is going to be magical as if it came straight out of a fairy because you cannot even believe the sensation it gives you is real. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you are first going to taste the blue raspberry flavor making its way into your mouth. It is going to be a bit sour, so you better be ready to have your mouth puckering once it becomes potent. As you keep pulling, you are going to get this creamy feeling making its way into your mouth. It is going to come from, none other than the delicious mango that was clearly ripe when picked. Both of these savory notes are going to be memorable, but these are not the only things that this e liquid has to offer. There is a cotton candy hint getting stronger and stronger as you continue to hold this blend in. It is going to simply melt in your mouth as if you tore a piece of a real one and just let it dissolve on top of your taste buds. If you did not think this blend could not get any creamier, then think again! Some succulent whipped cream hints are starting to travel around your palate and making your mouth water as it gathers up the rest of the flavors. Suddenly, you may start to feel your insides freezing up. Do not be afraid because that is just the menthol kick storming in and letting you know that this is the e liquid that keeps on giving. The menthol is going to add to the sweetness, while also intensifying this vape trip that is just iconic!