Cloud Nurdz 25mg 30ml Salts Strawberry Lemon

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Cloud Nurdz Salts Strawberry Lemon e-juice wakes up your sense with a double dipped dash of citrus and a salt nicotine style of smoothness. While these two fruit flavors are often seen separately, this bottle gets filled to the brim with the finally fused duo so that your candy gets an energizing and refreshing kick. It could appear as though these pint-sized pebbles may be dumb as rocks for not expanding into the drink world, but the nerds couldn’t pass up the candy opportunity to be innovative. Although yellow runs with red to form pink, this lemon and strawberry vape juice was always destined to be a confectionary master. The crunch and the tanginess only serve to prove that this citrus and berry were bound to unite in this form by some means or another.